Wireless Communications Platform

The Wireless Communications Platform is an innovative, practical and cost-efficient telemetry solution for gathering and transmitting information using existing communication technologies and infrastructures. The following are general descriptions of various proprietary wireless telemetry systems and components developed:

  • Wireless solutions consisting of software and firmware providing encryption, compression, error checking, logging, participation in network load balancing and incorporation of Artificial Intelligence to enable an equipped device to transmit data packets to the Network Operations Center (“NOC”) server. The server is accessible by common web connections to provide information about the current condition of the equipped device and its performance; typically through installed remote wired sensors. Said access enables control and monitoring of the equipped device from a web based connection.
  • Wireless solutions that enable third-party linking with an equipped device to report data about the condition of the equipped device to the Network Operations Center at the request of the third-party.
  • Firmware solutions that enable a third-party to properly present data upstream and verify it to the Network Operations Center and a corresponding server-side database for eventual presentation to the end user customer.
  • Server side software solutionsfor getting and presenting data received from a third-party device through the Network Operations Center so the data might be accessed by the end user customer and through which the end user customer may query and control the equipped device in “near real time.”
  • Hardware, firmware and wireless solutions enabling remote upgrading of existing in place firmware found on or operating in conjunction with third-party devices.
  • Software and hardware solutionsthat connect multiple equipped devices into a wireless Local Area Network (“LAN”) through the cooperation of a LAN module with the equipped devices and the Wireless Telematics Operating System (“WTOS”).

Graphical User Interface (GUI) and

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