Ballistic Testing

Ballistic testing for bullet impact and fragmentation requires a laboratory to be responsive to customer requirements and needs and ensure the highest level of accuracy and quality. At KST, we provide our customers with the highest level of quality assurance and optional data acquisition for each of their testing samples they test.

KST tests ballistic resistant materials for a wide variety of applications and purposes. Testing is performed in accordance to MIL-STD, NIJ, STANAG, UL, and NATO requirements, as well as other tailored requirements established by the customer. Tests performed to structural armor standards as well as body armor specifications are performed quickly and efficiently.

KST is capable of quickly manufacturing testing stands, fixtures, and specialized testing equipment to meet customer needs. The test cell is able to fit testing articles up to 12’ wide and 10’ high. These articles can be placed in hard mounts, and/or rotating mounts. Shot placement can be placed at any angle or height on the test article. KST can provide customers with “Operational Conditions Testing” involving conditioning of armor materials and solutions. Using state-of-the-art data acquisition systems, real life situations can be simulated utilizing mannequins and models to monitor impact pressures, speeds, overpressure from blast, penetration speed, as well as depth and blunt trauma. These types of value-add testing helps customers better understand its armor and its attributes.

The ability to test materials from small arms (0.17-0.30), heavy machine gun (0.50) and 20mm cannon coupled with the capability to rapidly manufacture fixtures, and incorporate data acquisition systems gives KST a key advantage when providing our customers with the highest level of quality assurance and professionalism. Our customer’s articles will be tested with the highest level of precision, whether it is for engineering confidence or final article testing.

KST is able to provide assessment of armor materials and solutions, based upon the data recorded from the testing. Our staff of ballistic specialists and engineers have many years of experience in the field (both military and LE). We can also provide engineering support for customers to enhance their products through a collaboration service.

Further, KST can provide our customers with weapons testing and hydro-static testing (up to 60,000 psi). Weapons testing can be performed for endurance, rate of fire, overpressure, and mechanical failure. With the use of KST’s high speed DAQ (Data Acquisition) system and high speed video technology, we can quickly pinpoint areas of interest and failure in our customer’s products.