About Us



Kelly Space & Technology, Inc. (KST) is a privately-held aerospace and defense technology company with an advanced environmental testing services capability based at the San Bernardino International Airport (former Norton Air Force Base), California.

KST has established the Aerospace Research & Development Center (ARDC) at its modernized facilities to incubate and commercialize leading-edge technologies based upon its Reusable Launch Vehicle(RLV) research and development activities. KST’s vision is to create and commercialize technologies that will open space to large-scale commercial development and apply these space technologies to beneficial use on earth.  ARDC programs are of national significance and have attracted key government interest to meet the nation’s priorities in the field of aerospace and homeland security.

The ARDC draws upon specialized human and technical capital of KST as well as significant facility infrastructure, local expertise and technical capabilities available in California’s Inland Empire to provide a hub for advanced development activities.  The ARDC has attracted entrepreneurial businesses to participate in aeronautical and space operations, research and development, as well as new commercial technologies. KST is leading several key projects at the ARDC with significant regional economic impact ranging from rocket engine and shock-free aircraft technology to explosive detectors, ballistic protection and laser decoating systems. Each of these projects require the application of the same skills and core technical, systems engineering, and project management capabilities possessed by KST in its RLV design activities. KST’s business approach is to identify and deploy revenue-generating, commercial applications of RLV-related technology to maximize the advancement of the technology while creating financially-viable and sustainable lines of business.