Portable Laser Decoating System (PLDS)

Laser stripping is a non-intrusive and low-kinetic energy ablating process that requires a minimum of surface preparation and post process activities. The technology is proven to be effective in removing a variety of paint applications and has significant advantages over mechanical and chemical paint stripping methods. High-power laser coating removal is cost effective and environmentally friendly. The laser removes paint from surfaces at a very high speed, without damaging the substrate surface and at the same time minimizes the resulting waste. As the laser beam touches a surface, the coating is vaporized and trapped in HEPA filters, which capture 99.999% of particulates.

Kelly Space & Technology, Inc. (KST) is developing a state-of-the-art Portable Laser Decoating System capable of generating superior pulsed laser energy at high strip rates of up to 108 square feet per mil per hour.

Some of the benefits of the Portable Laser Decoating System include:

  • Completely removes coating(s) without damage to underlying substrate material at a superior stripping rate than any other methods
  • Eliminates the use of toxins and reduces large volumes of hazardous waste generated by other stripping methods. The small volume of particulate residue from the coatings and paints, including hazardous waste, can be easily handled
  • Eliminates potential structural failures initiated by corrosion caused by chemical residues in surfaces and seams
  • Reduces the cost and time of paint stripping operations and produces more stable results than chemical or mechanical stripping
  • Avoids operator-dependent accidental damage to substrates by using automated controls on the laser beam delivery system
  • Operator training time for the Portable Laser Decoating System is approximately two hours