Environmental and Dynamics Testing and Evaluation

Kelly Space & Technology offers state of the art test facilities and strives to keep test and engineering programs on schedule and within budget. Whether your need is physical test, engineering or documentation services (Test plan & Test Procedures) to meet MIL-STD-810 or RTCA DO-160, ASTM, ASME, IEEE, ETS or any other test specifications, KST’s extensive engineering staff and technicians are available to economically test and or assist with any test specification tailoring process that could apply to a specific test specimen. Thus controlling the overall program test cost and schedule. The end result is speeding your product to market.

KST’s Environmental/Dynamics Test Operations conducts a full range of qualification, R & D, compliance and reliability testing supporting Defense, Energy, Transportation, Telecommunications, Consumer Products, Environmental Remediation and Life Sciences industry sectors using specialized test equipment and unique test fixtures in its modified test facilities at the ARDC.

KST team can test items ranging from rocket engines to valves, to full systems and sub-system hardware and or single components.

KST’s current environments testing capabilities include vibration, shock, temperature and humidity cycling, thermal shock, altitude and high pressure, explosive and rapid decompression, burst, sand and dust, corrosives and salt fog, blowing wind and rain, hail, snow and ice, solar and ultraviolet light exposure, flammability, classic shock (drop) and multiple combinations of these environments. KST also conducts testing in high flow and high pressure environments for a wide range of gasses, liquids, slurries and gels from steam to cryogenics.

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Test Environments

• Altitude & high pressure
• Blowing wind & rain
• Hail, snow & ice
• Thermal cycling
• Solar & UV exposure
• Sand & dust
• Corrosives & salt fog
• Flammability
• Fungus*
• Explosive Atmosphere*
• Explosive and rapid decompression
• Acceleration*
• Classical shock (drop)
• Spectrum shock (pyrotechnic or shaker
• Combinations of these environments

Dynamic/Seismic – 901D Shock Testing

Currently installing Shock & Vibration capabilities to
• MIL-S-901D certified shipboard shock
• Vibration (electrohydraulic – Phase II Bldg.,
electrodynamic and mechanical)
• Seismic (including biaxial & triaxial)

Fluids Testing

From steam to cryogenics
• High Flow
• High Pressure
• Gases, Liquids, Slurries, Gels
• Multi-Phase Flow

Electromagnetic Compatibility

• Interference/emissions*
• Susceptibility*

Reliability Testing

• Large capacity test chambers
• Simultaneous temperature, humidity,
vibration & voltage
• Environmental stress screening (ESS)

Acoustics Testing

• Reverberant chambers to 165 dB*
• Progressive wave facilities to 182 dB*
• Field measurement services
• Airborne and structureborne measurements
• Noise control consulting*

Structural Testing & Analysis

• Fatigue & endurance tests
• In-house computer modeling
• Static, dynamic, modal studies
• Life-cycle and risk/hazards analyses
• Field Services (on-site)

Jet & Rocket Engine/Propulsion

• Indoor Testing
• 30,000 Lbf – Jet Engine Thrust
• 20,000 Lbf – Rocket Engine Thrust
• Jet-A Fuel, RP-1, LOX, LCH4, TEA/TAB
• Cryogenic, High Pressure Flow
• Valve Testing, Regulators, Relief Valves

Explosive, Ordinance and Hazardous Testing

• 24-Hour Testing available
• Chambers vary in size from 3-foot cubed to 16’ x 16’ x 30’
• Tests are in conformance with MIL-STD-810
• Test duration can be from days to months

Support Services

• Test Planning and Design
• Instrumentation Design and Installation
• Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
• Prototyping

Custom Test Setup

• Unique test fixture design & fabrication